Monday, 10 October 2011

How to use your existing geyser and add a solar heating system to it

We recommend thats you use your existing geyser and add a solar heating system to it. When your geyser next needs replacing, then upgrade to solar geyser.

How the conversion works.
Using a pumped system it is possible to convert your existing geyser. You will need one conversion jet, one pump and one Photovoltaic panel and of course the Evacuated Solar Panel.

What it involves :

1. Mounting a frame and evacuated solar vacuum tubes on your roof.
2. Adding 1 conversion jet to the your existing geyser outlet. This connects the evacuated solar panel to your geyser
3. Installing a low power DC circulating pump to move water from the hot evacuated solar panel to your geyser.
4. Installing the 10W Photovoltiac solar panels that produces power for the DC circulating pump.

Evacuated solar panels are sized according to the amount of hot water usage per day and the part of South Africa where the installation will take place. This is guided by the annual sunshine received in that area.

Radiation example : Durban has 30% less sunshine energy than Johannesburg, so would need a larger panel.

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